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Reduce costs 42%!

Non-Conductive Transpired Solar Collectors (TSC’s) can significantly reduce energy costs, in some cases over 42%. Sun shines on the patented TSC’s black porous surface creating heat. Fans then pull the heated, fresh air into the poultry house raising the overall temperature. Propane or natural gas heat supplements the …

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Faster Weight Gain!

Early implementations of TSC’s showed not only energy savings but also improved bird performance i.e. faster weight gains. Our Environmental Optimization System (EOS ) Patent Pending #61927991 is focused on performance improvements leveraging the benefits of our TSC’s (lower propane costs)…

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ROI In Months, Not Years!

Transpired Solar Collectors (TSC) produce heated air, not electricity. They provide heating for agricultural & commercial buildings, warehouses, military facilities and other structures. Their most common use is in pre-heating the building’s fresh air supply before it is introduced into the building by fresh air fans…

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