Want to reduce heating fuel & electrical costs, increase bird growth rates and reduce mortality?

Learn about reducing humidity and ammonia without burning more fuel!

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Reduce costs 42%!

Save 17% – 42% in propane or natural gas costs! Installed in a matter of days!   The Energy Savings Are Significant! Non-Conductive Transpired Solar Collectors (TSC’s) can significantly reduce energy costs, in some cases over 42%.  Sun shines on the patented TSC’s black porous surface...

Faster Weight Gain!

Target Weight in Fewer Days! Lower Mortality Rates! Improve Integrator Bonuses!   Straight To The Bottom-line! Early implementations of TSC’s showed not only energy savings but also improved bird performance i.e. faster weight gains.   Our Environmental Optimization System (EOS ) Patent Pending...

ROI in Months, Not Years!

Return on Investment in Months, Not Years Are Possible! Not only do we reduce heating fuel energy costs, increase annual birds and lower mortality, we also qualify for tremendous other benefits.  Our TSC’s and the EOS system qualify for REAP Grants, ITC, federal renewable energy credits, state energy...

We reduce heating & electrical costs, reduce days to achieve weight target, reduce bird mortality and the cost is returned in less than 15 months!